opn-max is a central xAP node, a kind of xAP concentrator capable to absorb and manage up to 1024 xAP BSC endpoints. Unlike opn-one and opn-x10, opn-max has no contact with other networks (except with the xAP network, of course). Thus, its role is not to work as gateway but directly manage the whole xAP BSC network from a single embedded server.

opn-max has some special features that makes it specially suitable for central operations like data logging, complex event management and web accessing point. At the functional side, opn-max provides the same possibilities than the rest of opnodes plus some advanced ones:

  • PHP interface for custom web pages
  • SQLite database embedded into flash for data logging
  • Perl scripting engine from the Event Manager
  • Java applet for creating web charts and graphs

opn-max is in fact a pure xAP node. It is specially designed to bring embedded intelligence and storage to any existing xAP network without the need of a PC. Besides, opn-max is based on the low cost NSLU2 server from Linksys. Thus, the performance of this controller can not be compared against any other embedded controller with the same features due to its extremely low cost.


  • Low power consumption
  • Embedded xAP BSC controller for up to 1024 endpoints
  • Web server for control and configuration purposes
  • FTP server for uploading firmware upgrades
  • SSH server
  • Crontab
  • Lighttpd web server
  • PHP with SQLite support
  • Event Manager + PERL scripting engine
  • JCCKit java applet for embedding graphs and charts into custom web pages
  • Clock with battery backup
  • Intel Xscale processor 133 MHz running SlugOS/BE (Linux 2.6)

Documents and pictures

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