Business Model

Usability Consulting India (UCI) believes in long term relationships with customers based on the value it delivers.
The "Pay for Value Delivered" business model ensures that customers pay only when they see value in what is being delivered to them.
This value could be in the form of savings, increased revenue  or even brand value enhancement due to improvement in USABILITY
In the "PVD" model, UCI enters into a  Non - Disclosure Agreement with the company and does a Usability Audit of the products in development or services being offered.
A differential payment is applicable based on the criticality of Usability Issues found during audit. 
  • Minor issues - typos, misalignment, minor performance issues 
  • Medium issues - words out of sync, wrong error messages, localization issues, misnomers..
  • Major issues - workflow issues, misalignment with user needs  etc