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e-Medsys Electronic Health Records (EHR)/(EMR)


What is YOUR chief complaint? Files?  Paper? Charts? Redundancy? Prescription Management? Correct E / M Codes?  Continuity of Care issues?  Inaccessibility to records?  Transcription?  Ordering lab tests and receiving results?  Document Management?  Patient medical / clinical data capture?

The list may be too much for one Chief Complaint, and this is not even the entire list. In fact, these may all be chief complaints, because even if only one is, then generally speaking they all are. 

Now, these complaints can all be a thing of the past, because automating the clinical side of a medical practice is no longer the stuff of dreams.  It is here, it is real-world, and it is e-Medsys EHR from PracticeOne.

e-Medsys EHR: Your Clinical Management System


Developed, produced and updated by PracticeOne, the 2008 CCHIT Certified(sm)
e-Medsys EHR will significantly enhance efficiency in so many ways, eliminating each and every Chief Complaint noted above, and then some.

2008 CCHIT Certification is significant, since the criteria and parameters for 2008 Certification are much more stringent than in years past. 

Dynamic, simple, easy to learn and use, driven by a powerful and robust Oracle database, e-Medsys EHR puts incredible muscle and flexibility into the hands of the physician. 

e-Medsys EHR provides completely paperless charting, enabling authorized and secure access to any record, from any location.  Clinical staff has access to patient treatment information, resulting in the highest level of care. 

And just by using e-Medsys EHR, the practice will notice improved workflow, reduced paper, and reduced costs. 

A Typical e-Medsys EHR Scenario Would be as Follows:

Using a tablet PC (or laptop / desktop), the provider charts the encounter electronically.  The superbill is electronic…as diagnoses and procedures are entered during the encounter, so are the associated fees.  When the encounter is completed, all of the input data has been entered into the e-Medsys PM, removing the labor-intensive, error-prone work needed by front desk staff when using paper superbills instead.

The electronic superbills can be created by the practice and there can be many versions: by provider, by type of visit, etc. Superbills can be done in conjunction with charting, whereby the codes documentation in the note matches exactly to that which is on the superbill.

Our E / M coding capability also helps to ensure accurate coding based on documentation.

Everything is entered electronically by the provider…family history data, notating the patient’s medical / clinical information, chief complaints, allergies, etc.  No paper, no charts, to misfiling, lost or missing information.  It is all securely stored in HIPAA complaint format for quick retrieval and review. 

Templates are pre-defined and can be easily created by the provider to suit the provider’s needs…not the system’s needs.  Templates make for personalized formats, especially useful as they apply to particular specialties.

Supporting Voice and Handwriting recognition, providers can dictate / notate directly into the patient’s electronic record, on the fly, for quick inputting of notes and encounter information. 

e-Medsys EHR’s prescription management capability is a comprehensive tool providing information and alerts on dosages, allergies, and possible interactions with other medications.

The formulary allows the provider to make selections based on the patient’s insurance coverage, and the provider’s “favorites list” can be developed. 

Prescriptions can be submitted electronically - directly to the patient’s pharmacy - right through the patient’s record in e-Medsys.  No paper, no illegible handwriting, no lost prescriptions, but transmitted directly to the pharmacy!

e-Medsys also supports prescription printing and faxing, should either be needed.

Ineffective, discontinued and negative reactions to a specific drug(s) are tracked as well.  Even samples and prescriptions issued by other physicians in the community who also treated your patients can be easily tracked. 

Lab Results

With interfacing to and from several major labs, the provider can order lab tests directly through the patient’s e-Medsys record.  When results are ready, they flow back into the patient’s record, also alerting the practice that the results are in, with highlights on any abnormalities.  

Other points of interest regarding labs:

  • Route reports with attached notes for others to review
  • Review diagnoses from previous encounters
  • Select outside providers to be copied on results
  • Produce Medicare waivers for tests that may not be covered
  • Creates a view on the Doctor’s Home Page  

Inbound receipt of electronic lab results provides for automatic posting not only to the patient chart, but also into the provider "sign-off" lists.

Simultaneous to this, protocols can be established to further automate the notification process for panic level results whereby a high priority message is sent to the physician notifying of the problem.

All results can also flow through to flowsheets for evaluation over a continuum of care.  All of the inbound results can be receive via standard HL7 protocols, making set up easy and consistent. PracticeOne currently has interfaces with many labs around the country including Quest and LabCorp.

Orders can be created using the EHR quickly and efficiently. The practice can create their own order forms to mimic those already in use and create additional forms they might find helpful.

There is no limit to the number of order forms that can be created, and they may be universal or specific to individual providers.

Lab, Radiology, Pathology, and Physical Therapy are just a few of the typical Orders being created by our practices. Once created, any order can be previewed, printed, faxed, or emailed directly to the entity that will be completing the order. Orders may be created by physicians or staff (who might forward the completed order to the provider) with ultimate sign-off authorization determined by the practice.

Progress Note templates can be completely customized by the practice without having to pay for programming. They are designed to be created and managed by your staff and use a form creation utility built right into the product.

Various types of fields can be created, such as text boxes, check boxes, pick lists, etc.  The user can pre-fill an entire note or certain sections of the note from the last visit.

Images can be embedded and real-time editing of the images is allowed via mouse, stylus, etc.

Our patented, built-in E / M coding tool can help the practice ensure their documentation and coding are in sync, and that all CPT / ICD information charted is automatically added to the electronic superbill, saving time and reducing errors.

Document Management

Document management and the scanning of images into the patient’s record is also easily accomplished via e-Medsys EHR all of which can be easily called-up and viewed when needed…no more hunting through files to find them.

Document management provides for the ability to incorporate all types of files and scanned documents into the EHR. Unlike most other systems available today, there are no restrictions on the types of files that can be loaded into the e-Medsys EHR.

Files types such as TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, DOC, sound, video, and all types of files are compatible. Additionally, rather than having to place files into the database the practice has the option to "link" to files or scanned documents without the end user having any change in what they see, or how they use the system.

With a Fax Server capability to manage incoming and outgoing faxes, faxes can be automatically routed to an "Inbox" in Microsoft Outlook and ultimately dropped directly into the patient chart eliminating the need to gather paper faxes and scan them. The resulting workflow benefits and time savings are enormous.

Letters (consult, attorney, etc.) are generated via merge to Microsoft™ WORD™ and are stored in the patient’s record for reference.  These are quickly generated by using pre-formatted text and can be completed via voice recognition. 

Physician's’s Home Page acts as a virtual “in box” for the physician, providing a snapshot view of daily schedules, health maintenance items requiring immediate attention, items requiring signature approvals, and an intra-office messaging system that tracks and documents all office communications and patient care.

An Inbox / Outbox view of “action items” is available to streamline messaging.

Doctor’s Home Page eliminates stacks of charts, sticky notes and reports on the physician’s desk, and places them in an easily viewable electronic format, using no paper.

Health Watcher

Our own, built-in Health Watcher assures the practice and provider that continuity of care protocols are followed, and that patients who need to be seen based upon their medical condition are alerted as such to the practice and provider when follow-ups are due.

Health Watcher supports care plans / guidelines / protocols for the management of specific conditions based on factors such as age, sex, diagnosis and lab result values.

The system can generate alerts for appointment recall, prescription refills and laboratory orders. e-Medsys Health Watcher protocol can contain either one task or a series of tasks that can renew based on user-defined time intervals. e-Medsys Health Watcher protocols can be assigned either to an individual patient or to a group of patients. 

When a patient’s record is accessed in e-Medsys EHR, a screen will alert the provider as to any due or overdue tasks per the e-Medsys Health Watcher as well as any suggested protocols for that patient.  The provider Review Window will alert the provider automatically of any past due health maintenance tasks.