Theme for the School Year

Last year we focused on the theme of Build Community wherever you go, which was inspired by the words of St. Angela.  When you think of all that is necessary to build community many building blocks come to mind such as trust, communication, supporting and encouraging one another, having fun and of course our shared faith. We have decided to continue with this important theme and we are going to focus on one building block and this is gratitude. If we all are willing to focus our attention on gratitude it will easily build our community.  

Life moves at such a fast pace and it can be easy to forget to slow down and be grateful for the little things. This year we challenge you to be mindful and have a keen sense of awareness of what you experience each day.  We challenge you to look at the world with a new set of eyes, to see things differently.  When you walk down the halls and around campus things have changed.  The new building is well on its way, some teachers are in new classrooms, students have new lockers, we have our wonderful new freshman class walking the halls. And yet some things have not changed, but maybe we can see things differently.  When you walk through our chapel, slow down and soak in the stained glass windows or take a moment of quiet and gaze at the cross. On your walk from the parking lot, look up from your phone and say hi to someone new. Take a moment to thank God for this person.  It is your choice to look through a new lens.

 We have the choice to look at things differently and be grateful.  It is very hard to be grateful and notice the blessings in our lives when we are not looking for them or making a conscious effort to appreciate all that is around us. We realize this can seem like a pie in the sky idea, but it truly is attainable.  If you take one moment in the day to think about something, someone or some situation you are grateful for it can make a positive impact on your day and our community.