Theme for the School Year

Every year at Ursuline Academy we choose a theme to help direct our action and deepen our spirituality with Christ.  This year’s theme is drawn from the “Chapter Call” articulated by the worldwide convocation of Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union. Flowing from last year’s theme which challenged us to “Build Community Wherever You Go” by embracing a sense of gratitude, we now focus our energy and efforts into the theme, “Give Your Whole Heart”. Our hope is that as we live a life of gratitude, we will naturally respond with giving our whole hearts.  Henri Nouwen, a renowned spiritual writer sums this up eloquently in the following, “As our prayer deepens into a constant awareness of God’s goodness, the spirit of gratitude grows within us.  Gratitude flows from the recognition that who we are and what we have are gifts to be received and shared.  Gratitude prepares us to offer ourselves freely and fully for the work of kingdom”.

In our Opening School Liturgy Fr. Jack inspired our community with his homily.  He shared  “Ursuline Academy’s theme for this year is ‘Give Your Whole Heart.  Whatever talents and/or passion God has given to each person here, then give it all you have! Do your Best! You are created in God’s image, each one of you a different facet of the face of God. Therefore you are priceless and filled with gifts. You cannot have the presence of God stamped on your soul- and you do- and be gift-less.  So please never say you don’t have gifts!  That’s impossible!   Do not be afraid to use that gift.  Do not be afraid to reveal that gift. Do not be afraid to serve with that gift!  St. Angela’s life wasn’t easy, but she used every gift God gave her to do her best to live each day serving God. Let us imitate St. Angela, who imitated Jesus!”

It is our prayer that everyone in our community will reflect on what it is they wish to give their whole hearts to this year and make it a part of their daily experience.  We are grateful for our young women and we celebrate their uniqueness!  Have a blessed school year!