Global Education

Our global education program is tied to the international mission of the Ursuline Sisters.  The Ursuline sisters are active in ministries around the world and are inspired by the international nature of their mission.  In our own mission and graduate profile, we challenge our students to be committed to faith-based living and leadership in a global community. 

One of our school-wide goals is to build more relationships with Ursuline schools internationally to better understand one another on a global level, and to utilize the international nature of Ursuline ministries to provide opportunities for our students to engage in global learning.  The trips that a few of our students and teachers participate in are a spring board for global learning among our UA community, making connections for the students in the classrooms and creating opportunities for dialogue and understanding among Ursuline students and co-workers around the globe.

For connection to current and past events, initiatives and travels visit our 

Global Education Blog. 

From the blog, October 9th, 2015:
" I am so blessed to be a part of a school that has sister schools around the world, and even though we live in different countries, we still share the same Ursuline sisterhood." -Meg Dunn, class of 2017