Mr. Luparell's Web Page

Homework Policy:

Students are expected to turn in work the date that it is due. If a student is absent, they may turn in the assignment the day they return to school. If a student is absent for multiple days, you can see me about making up work and turning in assignments without penalty.

Missing Work:

Missing work will not be accepted the last week of class.

I will accept missing homework assignments until the day BEFORE the corresponding unit test.

I will only accept the homework in my classroom before or after school. You and I will both need to document that the work was turned in.

- You will earn 77% of the available points if you turn in late homework before the unit test.

- If a large project, research paper, or essay is late, you will lose 15% points off the assignment before grading.

If You're Absent:

- Check your class's calendar to find out what you missed.

- Print off the assignments, (if available) to complete.

- E-mail me with any questions that you may have.

Grading Scale:

A+ 100 - 98

A 97 - 93

B+ 92 - 90

B 89 - 85

C+ 84 - 82

C 81 - 77

D+ 76 - 74

D 73 - 70

F 69 and Below

Student Expectations:

The teacher expects each student to be kind, respectful and responsible.

Classroom Rules:

- Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class each day.

- Students will speak only when it is their turn.

- Students will follow directions the first time that they are given.

- Students will be respectful of others and school property.

- Students are always expected to use appropriate language.

- Students are to only use computers during the allotted time.

E-Mail: Phone: (314) 984-2842 Room Number: B105