Label Printing from Alma

Alma Roles for SpineOMatic Printing

Label printing from Alma requires the following user roles for the generic user [i.e. User Name: labelprinter]. 
  • API Label Printing Read
  • API Resource Management Read
Note: with change to RESTful API printing, Alma User no longer needed.

Alma User for SpineOMatic Printing

SpineOMatic does not have a way to authenticate users via LDAP. Therefore the Alma user that logs into SpineOMatic must be an internal, not an external, user.

We have created an Alma user, Label Printer, specifically for SpineOMatic with the appropriate Alma roles for label printing (see below).

Note: with change to RESTful API printing, Alma User no longer needed.

SpineOMatic Set-Up Information

Desktop Java App [obsolete -- Do not use]

ExLibris institution code: 01URI_INST
User Name: labelprinter
Password: 4LabelPrint

RESTful API [recommended -- Use this]:

Method: /almaws/v1/items?view=label&item_barcode={item_barcode}
API Key: see spreadsheet in GoogleDrive and enter in grayed out area below [This is URI's API key which we got from the ExLibris Developer's Network => Application panel. Needs to have Bibs access.]

To test the API, paste the URL below into your browser window. Replace {barcode} with a real barcode and {your-api-key} with the API key. Press enter.{barcode}&apikey={your-api-key}

Print Set Up Tab

Use the screenshot below for the Print Setup tab in Spine-O-Matic.

Call Number Format

Use the screenshot below to set up the Call Number Format tab.

Pocket Labels

Use the screenshot below to set up the Pocket Labels tab.

To update SpineOMatic

Click SpineOMatic's "Check for Updates" button to download and install the new version automatically.

Printing from Alma using SpineOMatic

**NOTE – An item MUST have a barcode in Alma in order to print labels through Spine-O-Matic.

Make sure printer is turned on before launching the Spine-O-Matic software.

1.      Click the Spine-O-Matic icon on your desktop.

2.       Click the |> arrow next to the word “Review” to open up the options box.


3.       Click the “Call Number Format” tab at the top.

4.       Click the “sca” box and scan or type your barcode into the green box.  If typing the barcode, make sure to press <enter>.

5.      If the message “Call number type# is not handled by any parsing routine” comes up, just click OK.

6.      Verify that you have the correct book and make any changes to the call number if necessary (i.e. adding a volume number, year, or altering the call number format).

        NOTE - If you have an item with a prestamp (i.e. REF, SERIAL, etc.), you will need to add the prestamp to the pocket label before printing. 
        Spine-O-Matic will only print the prestamp on the spine label.

7.      If multiples of the same label are needed, change the number of copies in the little green box.

8.      Click “Send to desktop printer”.

9.      Click the “sca” box and scan or type your next barcode.


Andree Rathemacher,
May 17, 2017, 12:30 PM