Rezbook on the Web: Search, View and Export Diners

Diners shows the complete list of all diners who have made reservations at your restaurant. You can either select a diner to view their contact information and complete reservation history, or click the date for their most recent reservation to see the associated details.

This page also allows you to export your diner information into an Excel spreadsheet; this option is not available on the iPad version of Rezbook. You can either generate a list of diners who have elected to be contactable by your restaurant, or simply all diners in your database.

Finally, you can perform a search for diners in your database from this page by entering their name, email or phone number.
  • Please note that changes to a diner's information (Name, Phone Number, Email Address) must be made by editing one of their reservations from Openings - click here to see how it works.

Exporting Your Diners From OpenTable

You can export your diner database from OpenTable Server Or Terminal (but not OpenTable Anywhere), and then request to have it imported into Rezbook.

1. Tap the Reports button on the Side Navigation Bar. Then tap the Guest Export button.
2. If prompted, enter a password that has access to this area to continue.
3. The system displays the Guest Export Dialog informing you that all guests in your OpenTable system are about to be exported. Select any desired export options.
  • If you select the Include archived guest information box, the system will warn you that it will access archived data for the report (typically guests that have not made a reservation in more than 24 months).
  • If you select Export into multiple files box, each file will contain a maximum of 60,000 guest records. For example, a report with 120,000 total guests will generate 2 files, each file consisting of 60,000 guests.

4. Tap the Export button to begin the export. The system displays a progress bar as it exports guests. The export process may take several minutes, depending on the size of your guest database.
5. When the guest export is complete, the system displays another Guest Export Dialog, informing you that the export is complete. The message also lists the number of guests exported, the export file name(s) and directory location.

6. Tap Close to clear the dialog.
7. To access the file, first hit Shift-F10 to close the OpenTable system.
8. Double-tap the My Computer icon on the desktop, then double-tap “Local Disk (C:)”. Navigate to the directory listed in the Guest Export Dialog to find the file.
9. Email the file to your restaurant relations representative; she or he will have your database cleaned up prior to import (removing junk records, adjusting names to proper case, removing duplicates, etc.) for your use in Rezbook. We will import the following data:
  • First and Last Name (required)
  • Email Address
  • Contactable via Email? (Y or N)
  • Phone Number
  • Guest Notes (including VIP status)