Rezbook on the iPad: Moving a Reservation

You can move any upcoming reservation to any day and/or any open time slot in the future. To perform this action via Rezbook on the Web, see here.

Note that performing this action does not generate a new notification for the diner to inform them of the change, so you will need to let them know as appropriate.

1. Find the reservation you want to move in the Book View.

2. Click and hold (long press) the reservation you wish to move.

3. This will open the Status list; notice that in the top right corner of the window there is a button labeled "Move".

4. Click “Move”; the window will vanish. Now navigate to your preferred day in the future (you can also choose a time slot on the current day if there's an open slot).

5. Click and hold the desired time slot. The “Move Reservation” window will appear, displaying the details of the move.

6. Click the “Move Reservation” button to complete the change, or “Cancel” if you do not wish to move the reservation.

Here's a short video demonstrating how it works: