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On this page you can insert content related to your project including text, gadgets, forms, calendars, photos/illustrations and even YouTube Videos. With my page you can add your own personal gadgets related to the project. You can use the issues section to organize your projects open issues and can use gadgets such as the recent list item gadget to display that content in other areas of the site. Another way to utilize list pages is by organizing potential risks and open tasks in your project. Utilize a calendar and project documents to further organize your teams deadlines and important documents. If you need something heard by the whole team or would like to open the floor for an active discussion regarding your project you can use the discussion page. Lastly you can get instant feedback from your team members organized in a Google spreadsheet using the contact page.

Project at a Glance:

Timeline for Urbana City Schools to migrate from First Class email to G-Mail
"June 15, 2012" G-Mail initiated and account set up
"August 9, 2012" Building Calendars get set up in Google Docs and for Web
"September 25, 2012"  Contact Salvair for sample migration from First Class to G-Mail
"October 19, 2012" 9-11am - Joe LaValley does Google training in Community Lab
"October 31, 2012" Archive process established with WOCO for G-Mail
"October 31, 2012" All staff set up in G-Mail
"October 17, 2012" SOITA does G-Mail training for Administrators and Bldg. Techs
"December 3, 2012" Building Techs do G-Mail training for their Building Staff
"By December 14, 2012" Notify people that send you email your new email address
"January 7, 2013" G- Day -- Urbana City Schools no longer use First Class
As needed  Set up your own ""Distribution List"" in G-Mail -- called Groups
As needed  Set up your own email account for Smart Phone -- see documentation

Project Objectives

Provide your team with a quick overview of the project objectives on this homepage. Replace this content with your own. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas mauris est, molestie id ultricies at, laoreet vitae diam. Nunc dolor.
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  • Project Plan has been updated New project plan has been uploaded to Project Documents area.
    Posted Oct 11, 2012, 3:54 PM by Bill Grafflin
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