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NWP and What It Means to Me

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:36 PM by Tobi Pirolla
The National Writing Project has changed me--as a teacher, as a writer, as a person.  As a teacher, I am no longer afraid to teach writing.  I am not an English teacher, but a Science teacher.  Writing has become a tool to teach my students, to reach my students, to help my students succeed.  When my students write, my students must think.    When my students think, they learn.  NWP has made me a better teacher.  As a writer, I am more confident.  I always enjoyed writing, but now I write for more than classes or work.  It's become a way to express myself in many ways and share my thoughts and opinions.  The NWP creates teacher leaders.  As a person, I would never have imagined myself having the confidence to teach classes or share my skills with other adults.  I can't believe how the NWP has given me confidence to try new things.
Why else is the NWP so important?   The NWP exposes us to the best ideas in education.  Classes that allow teachers to learn from other teachers.  Strategies that have been tested in the classroom.  Strategies that real teachers use.  Not just theory from a college textbook or professor.  Real strategies that can be usesd in the classroom the next day, taught by real experts--teachers--who are there to help you along the way.  The NWP has ruined me for all other professional development--no class compares to what I have learned through the Summer Institute or courses provided by the NWP.