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posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:35 PM by Unknown user
    National Writing Project has been a light to me over the past year. Before being involved with this project I had a negative outlook on teaching writing and even writing myself. I started with the project in the Summer 2010 being involved in the SI program. Every morning we did a Write Into the Day, having to write every day was a wake up call for me as a writer and a teacher. I always felt like writing had a specific place and time. Well, it does, no its any place and any time. I found this out during that summer. Growing as a writer personally has help me to make my classroom a true writer's workshop, where my students LOVE to write. After the wonderful experience during the summer, I continued my writing professionalism throught the NWP with more classes.
    I am now involved in a Content class and that has allowed me to bring more meaningful writing into my class room just in the past year. I can see tremendous growth from my students in the area of writing and also in content. I truly believe without the support of the NWP my classroom would still be the same ole, writing during writing block and thats all, kind of classroom. My personal writing and my students writing have been push to a new level because of the opportunities given by the NWP.