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Save National Writing Project

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:34 PM by Pell fain
Writing has always been on of my favorite subjects; however, teaching writing is one of the most challenging subjects to teach. As an Instructional Coach, I see teachers struggle with teaching writing more than any other subject. I was very fortunate to have an excellent student teaching experience with a teacher that loves to teach writing.  But even with this great start, my views and attitudes toward teaching writing have changed and evolved through the years. I'm taught using very structured programs.  I found those limited students, but what was the answer to how to best meet the needs of all students? It wasn't until my experience with the National Writing Project that I really discovered the best way to teach writing.
I signed up for the Summer Institute with the Upstate Writing Project in Greenville SC. My views and practices matured as I researched a strategy, discovered my own voice in writing, and collaborated with other teachers like me. I also read up of the lastest research in writing. Through this experience, I am more prepared to meet the needs of all students. I have been able to share my experience and strategy with my school and other schools in my district. I have lead teachers and students understand the process of achieving authentic writer's workshop. The National Writing Project is unique as it takes teachers where they are and allows them to discover what works and why. It fosters growth through experience and research. Please save the National Writing Project so that teachers can have the opportunity to experience becoming not only great writing teachers, but also great writers themselves. It impacts our children to have teachers that know the best way to teach writing!