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One of a Thousand

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:35 PM by Laura Thompson
I became involved with NWP through a new teacher initiative called "Fresh Start."  My favorite time of day was writing because it was the time of day my students' personalities really got to shine.  I loved reading their personal stories and views of the world but I didn't see my students pushing forward in their writing or trying new things... and I wasn't sure how to get them to!   I decided that the UWP Fresh Start classes might have a thing or two to offer but didn't have high hopes.  Man was I surprised!  Leaving from the very first session I had a bag full of ideas, real "doable" strategies, that I could try the very next day.  From then on I have been hooked and bringing other teachers on board, too.  I looked forward to my classes each month and my fellow teachers tracked me down the next day to hear about the new ideas! Of course I couldn't stop here.  I applied and was accepted to the UWP Summer Institue.  What an enlightening experience that was!  I grew more in that month as a teacher and a writer than I have in my previous 4 years of inservices.  The SI gave me the opportunity to share with others everything the UWP had given me, the feeling that 'Yes, my kids will be better writers, and here's how."  My relationship with UWP had the chance to go full circle this year.  I was able to present to the current Frest Start group of teachers, an invaluable experience I can't replace to help others in the same position I was in only a couple of years ago.  Not only did UWP shape me as a teacher, it defined me.