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Funding Should Be Increased for NWP

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:35 PM by KWADJO CAMPBELL
I am writing from the perspective of a pre-service teacher. I have completed all of the classes required to graduate with a Masters in Middle Grades Education, and have completed a full semester in the classroom for practicum requirements. All I have to do now is complete my student teaching. This semester was suppose to be an easy ride for me as I am at the end of my program, but i really enjoy learning how to teach. I was blessed with the opportunity to take a course under the NWP. I think I am the only pre-service teacher in the course. This course has really given me a deeper insight into the benefits of students writing in relation to learning content. I will be certified in both Social Studies, and ELA, and using writing strategies as a part of my lesson plan works perfectly. Studies show that students learn the material or content deeper when engaged in writing activities. This is what I want. I don't want simple rote memorization. I want students to really understand that land was the basis of rule in the Middle Ages. Will a lecture, or reading in textbook be enough to get students to grasp the concept? Or will students better grasp the concept if they in addition to these activities implement a RAFT activity where they play the Role of a key player from the era, and write to an Audience in the Format of a letter concerning a Topic such as the Nobles demanding the Magna Carta? Not to mention we live in an age where we are going to be held accountable as teachers for students test scores. Whether you like this policy or not it is one that has momentum, and is being reflected in state, and national educational public policy.