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posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:35 PM by Erica Lynn

The Writing Project has given me a passion for not only personally writing, but also teaching children to write. Before I joined the Writing Project here in S.C. I never really enjoyed teaching children to write. It was hard to get my point across and like pulling teeth to get them to put anything down on paper. Once I went through some of the training and started to see the bigger picture of letting them choose what they write about my whole philosophy changed. Allowing children to write about whatever they wanted gave them the freedom to not stress about all the small things and just get it on paper. I implemented the Writing Workshop in kindergarten and by the end of the year I had six year olds that could write a story with a beginning, middle, and end. This year I am implementing it in a second grade class and have been able to go through the whole process up to publishing and have really enjoyed it. I never imagined that twenty four students could be in different places in the writing process and it work, well it does. All of this is possible because I was given the opportunity to take classes with the Writing Project. I furthered my interest for it by participating in the Summer Institute. During this time not only did I personally write, but I was able to learn other strategies used throughout the grade levels and content areas from schools in our area. I am very appreciative for everything I have gained from the Writing Project and look forward to what’s to come.