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NWP---I was not but now I am.

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:34 PM by Courtney Cline
"I am not a writer"
"I am not a writing teacher"
"I do not know how to grade writing"
"I do not know how to teach writing in the content area"
"I am not equipped to teach writing"
All of the above statements had literally come out of my mouth multiple times before I took my first UWP class and attended my first UWP workshop.  I teach Social Studies, 7th grade SS to be exact and I was not a writer.  I was scared to use writing activites in my class because I was scared I would not know how to grade them.  I was scared that the children would ask me a question that I could not answer.  I have now taken several classes though UWP and learned many new strategies to use in my classroom, strategies that work and that engage students.  These strategies also have improved student achievement.  I love learning from other teachers in my classes, they have such brillant ideas.  It is easy to not be afraid when you hear about how another person used the have an expert to talk to.  I love that the ideas do not come from a book, I mean who has time to sit and read a book about teaching anyways? These ideas, these strategies come from experienced teachers, men and women who are good at what they do...teachers that are there for their students, not a pay check. 
I not only learn new strategies, I learn how they graded it, what kind of rubric they used, what failed them, how they tailored it to a particular grade...student.  I learned that some of the same things that happen in all other contents DO in fact work in SS and if not for the UWP, I am not sure that I would have ever learned that.
"I am a writer"
"I am a writing teacher"
"I do know how to grade writing"
"I do know how to teach writing in the content area"
"I am equipped to teach writing"