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My Experiences With NWP

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:50 PM by Beth Dabney

What effect has NWP had on me?

I learned a lot of wonderful writing strategies in college.  The difference between then and now, however, is that I didn’t have a single clue as to how and why to implement them.  By the time I finally became a teacher I had forgotten all of those wonderful strategies and was simply in “survival mode”.  Three years later I decided to enroll in our local National Writing Project’s intensive three week course called the “Summer Institute”.  During these three weeks I encountered 20 other teachers who had the same desire as me, to learn new writing strategies that would enhance the learning of our students.  We were inspired by former summer institute scholars, called TCs (teacher consultants) as they demonstrated for us the ideas they were able to generate, and then we were given an opportunity to come up with our own ideas to share.  At the end of the three week course, I had a notebook full of useful, helpful writing strategies.  And unlike my first three years of teaching, I am now adept at implementing them.  My students have benefited greatly from my taking that three week course. 

 Currently I am enrolled in a Content-Area writing course where I am learning even more writing to learn strategies of which my students are greatly benefiting.  I am very thankful NWP for making these experiences possible!