Mr. Dalsis--Welcome Message

Hello Parents and Students!
I would like to personally welcome you to a BRAND NEW academic school year!  As your English Advisor, my goal is to create a rich and robust school year, filled with exciting opportunities and unforgettable memories.
Your middle school experience should be one that lays a foundation for the rest of your career in high school and post-secondary education.
As you may be able to tell, that is my lovely wife, Leah in the photograph.  We recently celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this summer and we are so much enjoying life.  My favorite part about being married is knowing that there is someone else by your side to help you fight the battles day in and day out.
As we begin this new year, be mindful that I have great expectations for my students and I welcome your questions and feedback.  Students and parents are welcome to email me anytime:
Parents, YOU are UPSM's greatest resource and we encourage you to be active in your child's education as much as you can.  If you have suggestions or desires in helping out, please contact me.
Lastly, this website will be a go-to place for important English Language Arts.  Just go to Week-at-a-Glance to check out what is going on from week to week.
I look forward to a prosperous school year where learning and constructing knowledge about the world around us becomes our reason for being.
Mr. Dalsis
 2011-2012 School Year