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Veritas            Fortitudo            Sapientiam 

                                                                      Truth                                        Fortitude                                             Wisdom

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Teacher trivia

Which ELA teacher graduated from Marshall High School?

Mr. Stopka
Builds Bonds

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Take a bow

 The RAPA program helps students learn through the arts.

Mr. Schudel
shapes minds

Mr. Schudel: Marine, teacher, chess coach. 

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UPrep’s ‘Olympians’

-Staff Reports

On Saturday, a group of friends and I attended the Physics Olympics at Buffalo State College
During the event, we took part in challenging activities and battled students from other schools to compete for the first-place prize. UPrep was the only school from the Rochester area to compete against schools mostly from the Buffalo area.
“It was a different environment with challenges that I tried and liked,” Josue Gonzalez, a junior, said.
One of the challenges we took part in was called “Laser Pinball.” During the challenge, we had to use mirrors and angles to direct a laser beam to hit a target.
Junior J.J. Riggins liked the laser challenge the best.
“Because … we had to use brain power to create a design that would hit the bull’s eye,” he said. “I would love to go again.”
Andrew Barbosa, a junior, also liked the activity.
“The laser pinball was the most unique activity we did.

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January 2015
Volume I, Issue 3
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Student trivia

What student is an amateur boxer?      

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