UPRM Extramural Associates Development Award (EARDA)

PDU Website: http://cid.uprm.edu/pdu

The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez has established a Proposal Development Unit (PDU) as a result of the NIH-EARDA Grant # 1G11HD060438-01 and matching funds provided by the University of Puerto Rico. This EARDA proposal has three long term goals: (1) augment the number of UPRM professors doing research in NIH-related areas, (2) increase the number of proposals – new and resubmissions – submitted to NIH; and (3) strengthen the quality of the proposals being submitted to NIH by UPRM researchers.

In meeting with these goals, after the five-year period of this project, we expect to: (1) increase by 50% the number of UPRM researchers in NIH mission areas, (2) double the number of proposals – new and resubmissions – submitted to NIH, and (3) get at least two R-type proposals approved by NIH.  To achieve these goals, five objectives have been defined:

  1. the establishment of the Proposal Development Unit (PDU) within the Research and Development Center (R&DC)
  2. the training of the Extramural Associate (EA) nominee to serve effectively as coordinator of the PDU and become a change agent at the institution by bridging science and administration
  3. the establishment of an evaluation plan to monitor the enhancement of the institutional capacity in research administration
  4. the strengthening of the UPRM capability to support pilot projects that focus on the NIH areas of interest
  5. the institutionalization of the PDU within the R&D Center structure, as a means to strengthen its pre-award capabilities

                        R&D Center structure including PDU

NIH EA Program

EA Website:
The mission of the EA Program is to facilitate the entry and participation of underrepresented minority and women’s academic institutions and institutions in developing countries into biomedical and behavioral research and research training.


Recruiting and training staff in research administration
Creating databases
Establishing collaborative activities with other institutions of higher learning
Developing research administration curricula
Sponsoring training courses in regulatory compliance, research methodologies, grantsmanship, and scientific writing