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posted Aug 20, 2010, 4:11 PM by Gabriel Mejia Lugo

I’ve always been intrigue by poetry and since the day I saw the publicity through Chardon hallways I was amuse to find out there was such a course in the RUM and what better way to end my English courses (12 credits) with Modern Poetry. As an agricultural major I didn’t have the slightest clue on poetry techniques, so I attended the first seminar which was a great help to understand some techniques use on poetry, after the first seminar a could not attend the rest of the seminars for unremembered causes. I give my presentation on Charles Olson, one of the founders on Black Mountain poets, on which I learned a lot from and enjoy presenting. On the Assignment, I did all of them and did most of them on time except the one from African American poetry. I believed the first assignment was the most difficult for me because I didn’t knew how to write about poetry, but after that first mistake I Believed I wrote what was asked for, and from the heart. On participation I would give myself an A, and overall I would give myself an A on the course because of all the effort I gave in to the course even do I’m a agricultural major.