My research interests are focused on Cloud Computing, Distributed Databases, and Mobile Computing. In particular, I am interested in exploiting cloud capabilities to develop self-managed databases systems and enterprise applications. 


This project is geared towards attacking the following research niche: building a database middleware system for WANs that can efficiently run queries over sites that are either mobile clients or enterprise servers, taking into consideration the nature of hosts for query processing purposes.

NetTraveler is designed to cope with dynamic wide-area environments where data sources go off-line, change location, have limited power capabilities, and form ad-hoc federations of sites that work together to complete a given task and then go about their business independently.

This project is funded in part by a 2005 NSF CAREER Grant (IIS-0448184).

Cloud computing is definitely becoming the next step in the development of distributed applications. By FY2012 all major IT investment requests will require a cloud computing option. The objective of this Center is to investigate and develop an open source private cloud computing research targeting Defense, Intelligence, and Civilian agencies concerned with security and privacy associated with cloud computing. This is a collaborative project with Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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