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An example of logos made with the NanoInk DPN 5000 System. Logos where made with MHA (Mercaptohexadecanoic acid) on fresh evaporated gold surface. Using the Dip Pen Nanolithography Technique.   

                IFN Logo                                 UPR Logo                  Array of multiple sized UPR Logos

  UPR Humacao Logo               Department of Physics and       Bristol - Myers Squibb Logo

UPR Logo Dots

  • October 10 2009
    • MRI: Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope Nanolithography DPN 5000 System
Award Number 0923021
  • March 3 2010
    • DPN 5000 Arrival at UPR Humacao
  • March 15-19
    • DPN 5000 Set up and Training
    • Fabrication of IFN Logo
  • March 24
    • Fabrication of UPR Logo
  • April 14
    • C-AFM, MFM Training
  • October 4
    • Fabrication of Bristol - Myers Squibb Logo


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