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Facility Access, Trainings & Fee Structure

  • For access & trainings to the AFM-N facility please submit to luis.rosa13@upr.edu your research plan.  The research plan will be reviewed and approved by Dr. Luis G. Rosa and the IFN Task Force. 
                            Important:  Research Plans should be submitted only by: Faculty Members, Postdoctoral Fellows, Principal Investigators and Private Sector Research Staff Personnel.      
  • This facility is a cost-recharge center and standard fees are charged to users to help defray operating expenses.


 IFN user without specialist assistance
$15.00/ hour
 IFN user with specialist assistance
$35.00/ hour
 Non-IFN users
$85.00/ hour
 Outside Users (Non-UPR)
$126.00/ hour


A Non-IFN user is any UPR researcher who is not a member of IFN or is not doing work for a member of IFN.