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About the Facility

About Facility

The Central Facility for Atomic Force Microscope Nanolithography & Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM-N) is one of the Facilities operated by the Institute for Functional Nanomaterials and the University of Puerto Rico - Humacao, dedicated to nanoscale imaging and nanofabrication.  These Central Facilities are university recharge centers that are open to all UPR researchers as well as external users with well defined user fees. The AFM-N central facility is located in the Natural Sciences Building (Lab. CNL 115) at the University of Puerto Rico - Humacao.

The AFM-N Specialist, Dr. Luis G. Rosa (see Contact Info) is in charge of the AFM-N central facility to maintain equipment, coordinate trainings and assist users in the use of this equipment, analysis techniques and data interpretation and presentation. Research collaborations are welcome from all university research groups as well as companies in Puerto Rico and elsewhere.



Nscriptor DPN System 5000

The Nscriptor is manufactured by Nanoink.  NanoInk, Inc. is an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and application development for the life science and semiconductor industries. With Dip Pen Nanolithography®, a patented and proprietary nanofabrication technology that allows for unmatched flexibility and accuracy, and high-resolution NanoEncryption™ technology. Nanoink is located at the Illinois Science and Technology Park north of Chicago.



The preliminary specifications:


Solid Granite Stage, houses the moving parts.


Video Microscope with Motorized Zoom/Focus, 10X Objective Lens.


DPN® Scanner with 90 Micron X-Y piezo scan range 8 Micron Z piezo scan range Light lever sensing system Closed-loop X-Y-Z Scanning Sensors.


Three Motor Z-Plane probe leveling assembly.

Motorized X-Y sample translation, 1” range.

Layered Sample Puck, for samples ≤ 2” tall.

Probe Exchange, cassette-style assembly.

Stage Cables, connect control unit to stage.

Control Module, controls the DPN® hardware.

E-Chamber, for environmental control of both temperature and humidity.

Air Table, for vibration isolation of DPN® Stage.

Control & Analysis Station including PC with Pentium IV Processor power Advanced video and graphics system.

Software - InkCAD™ object oriented Computer Aided Design of DPN pattern elements with true CAD file import (GDS II format).

InkCal™, auto-calibration method of ink diffusion for controlled pattern feature sizes InkFinder™, optical micro-scale & SPM-based nano-scale alignment of consecutive ink       pens InkMap™, imports bitmaps into InkCAD™.

Instrument Control, full stage navigation and AFM imaging capability.

AFM Imaging Capability, available scan modes are: contact mode topography and LFM; AC mode (non-contact) and phase imaging; real-time line scan profiles.

Active Pen Array Upgrade Active Pen Array Upgrade: Includes – active pen arrays (qty. 10), - universal inkwell arrays (qty.18), and the active pen assembly

2D nano PrintArray™ 2D nano PrintArray™: Massive parallel pen writing accessory including mechanical mounting hardware and 10 individual parallel pen array chips with nominally 55,000 cantilevers in a 1 square centimeter format.

C-AFM Module: NSCRIPTOR add-on module for conductive AFM imaging. Current gains: LO: 20uA/V, MED: 200nA/V, HI: 2nA/V. Maximum measurable current and input current noise: LO: 80uA 450 pA/√Hz, MED: 0.8 uA, 5pA/√Hz, HI: 8nA, 65 fA/√Hz

Bias Control Option: Components for enabling tip-sample bias, including connection box, cables, and ground shield.

Electrostatic Force Microscopy: EFM

Magnetic Force Microscopy: MFM