Sugaring Certification  Try Something Sweet (Benefits of Sugaring)
Join us on the sweeter side of hair removal!

For Licensed Professionals and enrolled Students Only

We are dedicated to educating, training, and supplying superior products to all Estheticians and Cosmetologists who wish to increase their client base, by providing a gentle, effective alternative form of epilation. Our product is competitively priced, consistent, reliable, effective and safe to use on any area of the body.

Hair removal is generally given very little attention in the beauty industry. This is surprising given the fact that this is a fairly invasive service for the client. Often times causing adverse reactions and a memorable, traumatizing experience. That is why it is our Mission to transform all our elite professional practitioners into confident experts in the field of hair removal.

Our SUGAR is the highest quality professional sugaring product available. Our paste is 100% natural and 100% sanitary.  Head to toe sweetness. Safe for every nook, crack, and cranny. This is an ancient yet cutting edge remedy for ALL unwanted hair, especially the most sensitive areas.

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* YES, we do recognize certificates from other Sugaring companies. We also extend a 15% discount on first orders for transitioning!

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What is the benefit of becoming a Certified Professional Sugaring Practitioner?

This skill, when perfected and performed efficiently, can set you apart from the rest of the competition in the way of building your business. You can offer clients a product that ensures them the most efficient and comfortable hair removal service available. Clients appreciate the amazing results and critical differences between wax and sugar. They get excited and have to tell their friends. They are so thankful they found a method so gentle, safe and sanitary. Your clientele grows rapidly and effortlessly.

  • Increase your revenue with decreased supply costs and increased price points.
  • Set yourself apart in the industry by adding body sugaring to your repertoire of skincare expertise.
  • Offer the best in all-natural, 100% Sanitary hair removal.
  • Enjoy continued support from Sugaring experts. Once certified, we continue to support you in fine tuning your technique and give you all our tips and tricks to building your clientele.
  • Experience a small group certification course where you receive personalized instruction, and the attention and focus necessary for you to become a successful sugaring practitioner.

Sugaring Certification is quick, easy and affordable!

  • You must be a licensed Esthetician and/or Cosmetologist or provide a letter from the state accredited school that you are enrolled in as well as a card documenting your hours completed. You will be required to submit these Credentials or Documents once you have enrolled.
  • You must pay for your class in advance in order to guarantee your seat. Classes are transferable, NOT refundable.
  • You will receive your Sugaring Certification within 60 Days of training. A valued asset to you and your clients or future employers.
  • You will need hairy “models” for your day of training and ideally grow out your own hair as well. It is always best to receive when you plan to perform a service to have a better understanding of the treatment.

*Basic Sugaring Certification is $300.00 for One Full 6 Hour Day Certification. The starter kit is priced at $325.00 and includes everything you need to get started: A single well warmer, a box of gloves, 2 jars of Regular Sugar Paste, 2 jars of Soft Paste, our Drying Powder, Calming Spray and Balm Lotion. We also offer this package with a double well warmer instead of the the single for $412.00

*Advanced Sugaring Certification is $295.00 for 6 hours of advanced training instruction. Or $95 per hour for one on one advanced support  We focus on your areas of concern. This is usually brazilian and facial areas but we will customize the instruction to your specific needs.

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