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The Bachelor of Education Studies (BES) program is designed to develop education professionals for various types of education work in diverse contexts.  It has two program tracks - the Alternative Education Systems (AES), which focuses on non-traditional or non-mainstream approaches to teaching and learning, and the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT), which focuses on the systematic use of technology to address educational challenges both in school-based and alternative learning environments.

The graduate of BES can pursue careers in the following areas in the field of education:

BES-AES graduates:
  • Curriculum and materials development for alternative education programs
  • Teaching in the non-formal education or alternative learning sector
  • Training and human resource development
  • Education-related development work, such as the design and delivery of health education programs and environmental advocacy programs

BES-IDT graduates:
  • Design of technology-supported education programs and curricula, including online curricula
  • Instructional systems and materials development
  • Learning network management and support
  • Teaching courses in educational media and technology

For the complete information about the BES program and curriculum, click the BES Curriculum tab above.

If you are interested in applying for the admission to the program, go to this link for the application guidelines.