University of the Philippines Open University
Dear AA Students,

read instructions and guidelines carefully, interact 
with our UPOU staff politely, plan ahead and allow ample time for processing your requests.  
We aim to make things better for you.

Keep track of your own course accomplishments, and check the policies here before sending queries - the information and responses I will offer you will be the same as you would find in the resources here. Policies will not be altered to accommodate you.  Please take the time to find and read information here that would help you plan your next step better. 

For the 3rd trimester AY2017-2018 enrollment, read the information found here. The course offering for this trimester is listed on this page. 

For other concerns, email me at:, cc:
Make sure to a) write a clear subject line; b) attach your updated program checklist (if you are a continuing student), and c) state your student number and batch of entry in the AA program.