The Environmental Impacts of E-waste:
Electronic waste, or e-waste is generated when old electronics such as computers are discarded into the waste stream.

A big problem within the electronics recycling industry is that large volumes of e-waste are shipped overseas to be processed in conditions that are harmful to both the workers and the environment.

Empower Up utilizes a recycling process and a series of downstream processors to ensure that no materials are exported into these exploitive markets.

Empower Up's Ethical Recycling Process:
The first step in our process in make all reasonable attempts to reuse any electronic equipment.

Once an item has been designated to be recycled it is de-constructed by our volunteers and the materials are separated for resale. Our down stream processors use mechanical grinding to process the separated materials into recycled commodities that are sold for re-manufacturing of industrial and consumer products.

Empower Up's Processing Vendors:

IMS Electronics Recycling
Vancouver, WA

Metro Metals NW
Portland, OR

American Electronics Recycling
Vancouver, WA

Battery Specialists
Portland, OR

Empower Up's Impact on the E-waste Problem:
Empower Up attempts to reuse everything that it can. We also responsibly recycle everything that cannot be reused.

Total Pounds Recycled by Year:
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Materials Recycled by Volume:
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