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Session: May 29

    Temperature sensor on-board setup - May 29, 2018

    Temperature sensor on-board test with motor and props - May 29, 2018

    Session: May 25
      • Another field test was done in the attempt to improve rudder turns
      • Location: Baker Hall swimming pool
      • Boat was able to move smoothly but turns are not yet at their sharpest
      • Up Next: Integrate water temperature sensor

      Test Sail Part 2 - May 25, 2018

      Test Sail Part 3 - May 25, 2018

      Session: May 23
      • First test for modified boat assembly
        • The modifications were on the shaft-propeller assembly where the shaft, propeller, and joint from banggood was used
        • It improved the rotation of the propeller together with the motor
      • Test was done on the pool
        • Issue encountered: Boat moves backwards!

        • Solution: Reverse the polarity of the motor to reverse the rotation
          • Exchange the red and blue cables
        • Sail was successful!
      • Up Next: artificial waves/ auto mode

      First Successful Sail Part 1 ‎(RC Controlled)‎

      First Successful Sail Part 2 ‎‎(RC controlled)‎‎

      Session: April 13
        • We have assembled the boat (with the complete Erle Brain components inside)
        • Tested gps signal in APM
          • Location: Baker Hall swimming pool
          • Tested buoyancy first for a minute
          • Tested controlling the boat with remote control
            • Shaft loosens which made it difficult for the propeller to operate properly
            • Propeller’s hollow area adds resistance
            • The boat was able to move in a short distance
            • TO DO: Modify shaft and propeller. Turn rudder to the other side

        Buoyancy Test (Erle Brain sensors loaded)

        First Sail - RC controlled

        Session: August 30
          • We have done a buoyancy test on the boat (No electronics first)
          • Location: Baker Hall swimming pool
          • On first try, no load was placed on the boat
          • On the second, a 5lbs load was placed on the boat

          Buoyancy Test (no load)

          Buoyancy Test (5lb load)

          Session: August 19-21
          • Built a small prototype boat
          • Material: Polystyrene foam board
          • UP NEXT: Integrate boat hull with Erle Brain and components

          Servo Test

          Session: August 18
          • Tried building APMrover2 on Erle Brain: SUCCESS!
          • Installed APM Planner on Windows
          • Using controller, tried controlling the motor at different throttle speeds: SUCCESS!
          • After turning off controller, the motor went failsafe
          • Solution: Initial Setup>FailSafe>Change RTL
          • UP NEXT: Motor-Propeller assembly. Prototype boat: Catamaran style, 1 propeller, with rudder

          Session: August 8
          • Tested temperature sensor DS18B20 on RPi at conference room: Success! 
          • Set RPi as access point: DONE. Set up VNC: NOT DONE YET

          Session: August 3
          • Tested RPi at conference room: Success!
          • Next step: Buy sensors!
          • Q: Can I use Erle-brain instead?
            • Maybe: Read on ArduBoat -