[Sketch of Prof. Jaderick P. Pabico, PAE, M.Sc.]

Professor of Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science
College of Arts and Sciences
University of the Philippines Los Baños
College 4031, Laguna, PHILIPPINES


Concurrent Affiliations & Titles


  • A MSc degree holder in the fields of computer science and agricultural engineering, with earned 42 PhD credit units and strong background in computational intelligence, parallel and distributed computing, and network science.

  • Extensive experience in teaching various advanced computer science topics with book and book chapter publications.

  • Years of experience in the country's top institutions of academic activism provide the ability to develop innovative teaching methods and materials using state-of-the-art interactive information and communication technologies.

  • One of the 2008 Ten Outstanding Young Scientists of the Philippines [↗] with numerous published articles in refereed scientific journals and peer-reviewed papers in technical conferences and workshops from more than 20 years of scientific research experience provide the capability to work with peers from other disciplines in conducting and managing collaborative research, development, and innovation undertakings.

  • An active member of professional and scientific organizations with many lecture, paper and poster presentations given at various local and international conferences provide the ability to effectively communicate novel technologies and scientific knowledge.

  • More than ten years of various administrative and policy-making responsibilities in a university setting provide the ability to work with administrators and personnel at all academic hierarchy levels.

  • More than 15 years of professional experience in innovative development of enterprise-sized multi-platform client-server systems using Microsoft™ and/or open source tools provide the ability to manage software projects and engineering teams.