About The Department

The general science department was established in 2017-2018 at college of basic education in the University of Zakho. There are three main areas in this department include (Chemistry, Biology and Physic). The department has prepared special Laboratories with all facilities required in these fields.

Program system of study in this department is semester in order to deliver better scientific knowledge and practical work opportunities to department students.

The Objectives and Outcomes

1- Preparing a professional staff from different scientific and knowledge background to hold the responsibility of the department work.

2- Prepare a professional staff members with ability to manage with the change and development of science and technology in 21 century.

3- Developing the education process through teaching students in classroom by implementing various method of teaching and delivering lecturing in order students build different skills and apply on their specialist.

4- Encouraging students and staff to be Participating in social activity programs and seminar that holds by either community or faculties, academically and non-academically activity.