About The Department

The Department of English Basic Education was established in November, 2017 as part of College of Basic Education at the University of Zakho. As a newly born department, we have been able to welcome students through a systematic and direct process which involved sitting an entry exam. This step has proven to be incredibly fruitful in that it brought us good quality, enthusiastic and motivated learners who chose to study English at the department based on their interest in and knowledge of what our department could offer. Previously, there used to be only one department of English in College of Education, which was opened for holders of diploma in English who were/are primary teachers in both state and private schools. The first round of these students graduated last year, that is, 2016-2017. In the morning, there are only the first grade students who are studying within the Bologna Process framework.

The Objectives and Outcomes

The main objectives of our department are:

1. Training students in education based on a clear approach to the education profession, where pedagogy is the founding discipline.

2. Training learners and would-be-teachers for the understanding and transformation of social and cultural realities in the context of their profession, be it school setting or other related working environments.

3. Preparing our graduates for performing as professionals of excellence in: public and private educational establishments, non-traditional educational training centers, and public and private institutions that design or implement educational programs and/or develop pedagogical and teaching materials.