About The Department
Department of Economic Sciences was found in 2016 with the aim of providing well established students / staff with economic sciences at the degree levels of bachelor's, master's and doctorate. This Department was established as a replacement of the Commercial and Banking Sciences department, which was founded in 2005 at the University of Duhok / College of Commerce, prior to the establishment of University of Zakho in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Department of Economic Sciences provides a bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences to graduates of preliminary studies for 130 approved units within four years.

The Objectives and Outcomes

  1. To provide an effective staff / graduates in the field of economic sciences after a four years study of bachelor's degree.
  2. To provide qualified staff / graduates capable in basic principles and theories of economic sciences.
  3. To prepare graduates capable to pursue postgraduate studies.
  4. To develop the capacity of the scientific faculty members in scientific research and fact finding aspects. In addition to developing their capacity in using modern scientific techniques.
  5. To attract highly qualified faculty with outstanding scientific expertise.
  6. To update and develop the educational curriculum and subjects.
  7. To conduct studies on economic and financial problems in the region and to search their scientific solutions.