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Sujata Patel

Prof. Sujata Patel

Department of Sociology
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad - 500046, INDIA


Website- :

                                        Phone- - 040 23133261 (O), 040 2301 1947 (R)


Sujata Patel is a sociologist at the University of Hyderabad. An historical sensibility and a combination of four perspectives-Marxism, feminism, spatial studies and post structuralism/  post colonialism influences her work which covers diverse areas such as modernity and social theory, history of sociology/social sciences, city-formation, social movements, gender construction, reservation, quota politics and caste and class formations in India. She is also an active interlocutor of teaching and learning practices, its reconstitution within the classroom, University structures and through national and international professional bodies.

Areas of Research Interest:

  •       Social Theory
  •    Historical Sociology
  •    Political Sociology
  •    Urban Sociology
  •    Sociology of Social Movements
      Teaching Engagements:
  •     Political Sociology (MA)
  •      Advanced Social Theories (M.Phil)
  •      Social theories, Modernities and Politics of Geography (MA)
  •          Member, Board of Studies, School of Social Sciences, JNU (2015-2018)
  •          Member, Governing Board, Institute of Social and Economic Growth, Bangalore (2012-2015)
  •          Member, Academic Council, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai (2009-2012)
  •          Member, Standing Committee of Research Institutes and Research Centers, Indian Council of Social Sciences. (2008-11)
  •          Member Programme Committee, International Sociological Association (2006-2010)
  •          Member, Advisory Committee, Centre for Advanced Studies, Department of Sociology, University of Delhi (2003-08)
  •          Vice President, (National Associations), International Sociological Association (2002-2006)
  •          Member, Governing Board, Global Development Network (2000-2006)
  •          Visitor’s Nominee for Social Sciences Selection Committee, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi (1999-02)
  •          Executive Committee Member, International Sociological Association (1998-2002)
  •          Member (South Asia), Social Science Research Council, New York (1996-98)


  •                    The global transition and the challenge to social sciences        
  •          Colonial modernity and the Problematique of Indigenous and Indegeniety: South Asian and African experiences
  •          The Challenge of Global Modernity for Sociology in India, 2014
  •          Afterword: Doing global sociology. Issues, problems and challenges, 2014
  •          Gazing Backwards or Looking Forward: Colonial Modernity and Making of Sociology of Modern India, 2014
  •          Is there a “South” Perspective to Urban Studies? 2014
  •          Orientalist-Eurocentric Framing of Sociology in India. A Discussion on Three Twentieth Century sociologists, 2013
  •          Are the Theories of Multiple Modernities Eurocentric? The Problem of Colonialism and its Knowledge, 2013
  •          Towards Internationalism. Beyond Colonial and Nationalist Sociologies, 2013
  •          Introduction. Exclusion, social capital and citizenship: contested transitions in post-apartheid South Africa and India, 2012
  •          Introduction. Legacies and New Identities. Contemporary India and South Africa Compared, 2012
  •          Sociology in India. Trajectories and Challenges, 2011
  •          Introduction. Ruminating on Sociological Traditions in India, 2011
  •          Social Anthropology or Marxist Sociology? Assessing the Contesting Sociological Visions of M. N. Srinivas and A. R. Desai. 2011
  •          The Imperative and Challenge of Diversity: Reconstructing Sociological Traditions in an Unequal World. 2010
  •          Sociology’s ‘Other’: The Debates on European Universals. 2010
  •          Seva, Sangathans and Gurus: Service and the making of the Hindu Nation. 2010
  •          Introduction: Diversities of Sociological Traditions. 2010
  •          At Crossroads: Sociology in India. 2010
  •          Doing Urban Studies in India. The Challenges. 2009
  •          Ethnography of the laboring Poor. 2007
  •          Towards a Praxiological Understanding of Indian Society. The Sociology of A. R. Desai. 2007
  •          Sociological Study of Religion. Colonial Modernity and 19th Century Majoritarianism. 2007
  •          Mumbai. The Mega City of a Poor Country. 2007
  •          Empowerment, Cooption and Domination. Politics of Maharashtra’s EGS. 2006
  •          Introduction. Urban Studies. An exploration in Theory and Practice. 2006
  •          City Conflicts and Communal Politics. Ahmedabad 1985-86. 2006
  •          Beyond Binaries. A Case of Self Reflexive Sociology. 2006
  •          Regional Politics, City Conflicts and Communal Riots. 2006
  •          Bombay/Mumbai: Globalization, Inequalities and Politics. 2004
  •          Higher Education at the Crossroads. 2004
  •          Identity Politics and Crisis of Social Sciences. 2003
  •          Bombay and Mumbai: Identities, Politics and Populism.2003
  •          Corporatist Patronage in the Ahmedabad Textile Industry. 2002
  •          International Collaboration in Social Science Research: Lessons of IDPAD. 2002
  •         The Profession and Its Association: Five decades of the Indian Sociological Society. 2002
  •         Urbanisation, Development and Communalisation of Gujarat Society. 2002

Books Published:

  •             Exclusion, Social Capital and Citizenship. Contested Transitions in South Africa and India (Co-editor). 2012, Orient Blackswan
  •          Contemporary India and South Africa. Legacies, Identities, Dilemmas.(Co-editor). 2012, Routledge.
  •          Doing Sociology in India. Genealogies, Locations and Practices.(Editor). 2011, Oxford University Press.
  •          The ISA Handbook of Diverse Sociological Traditions (Editor). 2010, Sage.
  •          Urban Studies (Co-editor). 2006, Oxford University Press.
  •          Bombay and Mumbai. The City in Transition (Co-editor). 2003, Oxford University Press.
  •          Thinking Social Science in India. Essays in Honour of Alice Thorner (Co-editor). 2002, Sage.
  •          Bombay Metaphor for Modern India (Co-editor). 1995/96/2000/13, Oxford University Press.
  •          Bombay Mosaic of Modern Culture (Co-editor). 1995/96/2000/13, Oxford University Press.
  •           Making of Industrial Relations. Ahmedabad Textile Industry 1918-1939. 1986, Oxford University Press.
Other Information:

  •                    Series Editor – Current Sociology Monographs, Sage London (2010 onwards)
  •          Series Editor: Sage Studies in International Sociology, Sage London (2010 onwards)
  •          Series Editor- [Oxford India] Studies in Contemporary Society. Oxford University Press, Delhi (2008 onwards)
  •          Series Editor - Cities and The Urban Imperative. Routledge, Taylor and Francis, New Delhi (2007 onwards)
  •          Coordinator, Sociology, E-Pathshala, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
  •          Beyond Disciplinarity. Archiving Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences, UPE II Project, and University of Hyderabad.