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The Government of Guyana has embarked on a Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), which has two principal objectives, stated as follows:

1.  To transform Guyana‟s economy to deliver greater economic and social development for the people of Guyana by following a low carbon development path.
2.  To provide a model for the world of how climate change can be addressed through low carbon development in developing countries, if the international community takes the necessary collective actions, especially relating to REDD+.

This project will consider a variety behavioural issues that are taken for granted in the LCDS, and which are especially relevant for the achievement of the goals of the LCDS.

Funding.  This project, whose full title is Economic Behaviour, Culture and Institutions in Support of Low Carbon Development, is being undertaken with a research grant provided by University of Guyana Science and Technology Support Project (UG-STSP), which is funded by the World Bank.

Research Objectives.  There are two Research Objectives:
  • RO1: Enhancing Voluntary Contributions to the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF).  This relates to the second goal of the LCDS.
  • RO2: Transitioning to Low Carbon Growth.  This is relevant to the achievement of the first goal of the LCDS.

Research Team.  The Research Team includes Thomas Singh, Dept. of Economics, University of Guyana, as Principal Investigator and Edward Cartwright, Dept. of Economics, University of Kent, as Senior Research Partner.  While Thomas is the person on the ground here in Guyana, Edward, whose particular research interest is in leadership, social learning and social influence, and who has published extensively in experimental & behavioural economics and game theory, is giving intellectual guidance; designing the experiments; and even being present in the lab via Zoom to ensure that the experiments run smoothly. 

Research Activities and Timelines are shown below, respectively for RO1 and RO2.


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