Chapters (BK 2219); 2018 Oil on Canvas; 24 X 48”

Artist Samuel Bak and Collection Coming to UNO
Renowned artist and Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak will visit the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) this September in tandem with a showing of 70 of his creations. Thanks to the UNO Sam and Frances Fried Holocaust and Genocide Academy and the Natan and Hannah Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies, the showing and a series of related public events will be free and open to the public.
The collection spans five decades of Bak’s artistic journey, featuring pieces that have been shown in major museums and galleries in cities such as Tel Aviv, New York, Paris and Rome. The art will be on display through Thursday, Nov. 14. 

Bak’s art visualizes his Holocaust experience and Jewish life through the ages. His art melds different styles, often featuring surreal imagery. 
“Most of my paintings, seemingly realistic, attempt to intrigue and interrogate their beholders. What do all those icons and symbols mean? What is the story behind this strange universe? I am looking forward to the encounter with the public of my forthcoming exhibition at UNO,” Bak said. “My art is anchored in my personal story of survival, in which the specific events point to the universal premises of the human condition.”

School Visits
Funds are available to bus high school and middle school students to UNO to experience Bak’s art and engage with trained docents. 

Exhibit Location and Hours
UNO Art Gallery
3 Sept. – 14 Nov. 


Mon--Thu 10:00am--4:00pm

Wed 7:00pm--9:00pm

Sun 11:00am--2:00pm


4 Sept. 2019


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