The UNO Math Club has revived itself in the past year and has worked to increase its visibility on campus. We host a social event each month to help our members get to know each other. These have included a Mathoween party, a white elephant holiday party, a game night, a movie night, an end of the year cookout and more. We also hosted a Math Career Night for all Math Club members and STEM majors, featuring employers such as the FBI Omaha Field Office, National Indemnity, and West Corporation. 

The Math Club also helps to promote personal and professional development opportunities in math including the series of Cool Math Talks and Math Teacher Circles, and the new speaker series entitled "Get to Know Your UNO Professors." Our biggest event of the year was the Pi your Professor fundraiser which celebrated Pi Day and raised money for the Math Club and Math Department. We sold pie slices to students and faculty during the month of March and the professors with the most pie slices in their names were pied in the Durham Science Center. The Math Club is working to increase our visibility on campus and to offer more opportunities to our student members throughout their time at UNO.