University Supervisor Handbook

Thank you for your dedication to student learning and your willingness to work with a teacher candidate! In the upcoming semester, you will have the opportunity and responsibility to guide the professional development of teacher candidates from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO).  The teacher candidates and their cooperating teachers will look to you for guidance and direction throughout the semester. 

Because UNO wants to support your role, we are providing this University Supervisor Handbook.  You may also want to access the Student Teaching Handbook for Teacher Candidates and the Cooperating Teacher Handbook.  

The information included in the University Supervisor Handbook is meant to serve as a guide to the university supervisor and to explain the requirements that accompany the role of the supervisor as well as the roles and responsibilities of the teacher candidate and cooperating teacher.  On the following pages, you will find an overview of the College’s Conceptual Framework.  This document outlines the central principles of the College.  Also included in this handbook is an explanation of the forms used for observations and evaluations, classroom management resources, and intervention procedures.

The College of Education will provide business cards, College of Education letterhead, and UNO name badges for university supervisors.  The College will also photocopy materials you wish to share with teacher candidates or cooperating teachers.  These may all be requested by contacting the Office of Field Experiences at (402) 554-2718.

Please accept the College of Education’s sincere wishes for a successful and rewarding experience.  If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you for your contributions to the development of future teachers.


Chris Wilcoxen

University of Nebraska Omaha

Field Experiences Coordinator 

(402) 554-3096

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