The UNLV Mounted Unit was created in 1989 by Sergeant William Newman. Our two current horses are Rebel and Pride. The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN) donated a large amount of money in order to restart the unit in 2005. With the donation UNLV Police Services was able to purchase a truck and a trailer, capable of pulling our two horses.

Rebel joined the UNLV Police Force in 2005. He is a registered paint Quarter Horse. He stands 16 hands tall and loves carrots. Rebel was born in 2002. Rebel is a powerhouse who dreams of someday dreams of playing Left Tackle for the UNLV football team. Pride is a beautiful Thoroughbred gelding who was born in Arizona in 2003. He was transferred to the UNLV Police Department in 2008. Pride stands 17 hands tall and is full of energy. Pride loves apples and hopes to one day win the Kentucky Derby.