Reference information for authors, reviewers, and editorial board

I. Information for authors and volume editors

1. General information

a. Voltaire Foundation website

b. Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment editorial mission 

c. Oxford Unviersity Studies in the Enlightenment catalog (Liverpool UP site)

d. Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment Online 

2.  Author inquiries an information       

a. Online form for inquiry or referral (including link to upload)

b. Author contact information form

c. Author's Pack, complete (PDF)

d. Guidelines for editors of themed volumes (PDF)

3. Preparing and submitting a book proposal 

a. Information on preparing proposal 

b. Proposal submission template (PDF): updated November 2018

            [Proposal template as fillable form]

c. Upload proposal here (preferred in Word or PDF format)

4. Preparing, revising and submitting a book manuscript 

a. Information on preparing manuscripts  (PDF)

b. Editorial policies and style guides for preparation of a manuscript (PDF)

c. Upload manuscript here (preferred in Word format) 

d. Guide to acquiring permissions (PDF)

e. Sample permissions letter (PDF)

f. Illustrations information fillable form (to be submitted with manuscript)

g. Upload illustrations here  

5. Production and publication resources for authors

a. Author's guide to the book production process (PDF)

b. Guide to preparation of index (to be submitted with corrected proofs)


c. Marketing and promoting the book (PDF)

II. Information for editorial board members

a. Editorial board discussion forum (Google Group)

b. Editorial board member proposal feedback form (Google Form)

c. Editorial board member proposal feedback form (Word version)

e. Current status of editorial pipeline of prospects, proposals, manuscripts (SmartSheet)