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COMPLETE - RoombaBotCam

posted Feb 18, 2012, 8:37 AM by Unknown user


To convert one of the donated Roombas into a web controlled robot with a mounted web camera.


This project will be completed in multiple stages


1. Create a USB or Serial interface to the proprietary connector built on the roomba.

2. Create a Java based controller application

3. Mount the web cam and provide a reference to the image capture

4. Upload the image via wireless network to our web server

5. Expose the robot over the net.

6. Mount an LCD display on the roomba to enable remote communication between the controller and observers.


Status Updates / Work in Progress


Step 1: prototype a TTL to RS232 circuit to allow a PC to be able to send commands to the Roomba. COMPLETED - Nov 26 2010

Step 2: control the roomba using test software provided on the net COMPLETED - NOV 26 2010

Step 3: create a new software package that will allow for remote control of the zoomba over the wireless network.

Step 4: create a laptop mounted on the zoomba to run the new software package

Step 5: enable web cam view remotely via the wireless internet

Step 6: Introduce the LabBot to the people on the 1st floor the best way we know how :)








I have acquired the MAX232 chip needed to make the TTL to RS232 cable needed to talk to the device.





Jamie Guillemette - Hardware and application development