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UnLondon is always grateful to receive donations or loans of tools and materials.

Through the generosity, care, and contributions of our members and community partners, UnLondon is able to provide the wide and growing range of tools at the Unlab, workshops and events to anyone who has a passion to do something cool.

Personal donations form the basis of equipment found within the UnLab. We will always welcome individuals with items to donate and encourage the sharing of resources among members.

In addition to donations we also accept loans. If you have an item that you would like to offer to the other members to use, but may want to reclaim later on, you can designate it as a loan.

Items that have been loaned will be tagged, thereby preventing anyone from hacking them beyond repair.

We welcome donations from businesses or institutions. If your company or organization would like to donate to the UnLab, please contact us at donations@unlondon.ca so we can coordinate a convenient time for delivery.

Items that are donated to the UnLab become the property of the members to “hack” into a new cool thing or to use as a tool to create something else. This means that all use and retention of items is at the discretion of members.

Any items that have not been identified as “hackable” or usable after three months may be removed.

All donations will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to fit the mandate of the UnLondon and the UnLab.

As not all items are ‘hackable’ and as UnLab space is at a premium, UnLondon and the UnLab reserve the right to refuse any proposed donation. In such cases UnLondon will try to suggest the most appropriate alternatives for the item, including identifying other organizations for which the item is better suited, or suggesting a destination for safe, legal and ecological disposal.

If anything is left at the unLab, other than regular donations and stuff that is used by members, we will try to contact the owner and have the item removed.  The purpose of this rule is to prevent the unLab from becoming a dumping ground for unwanted stuff.