The unLab is consider a playground. Virtually everything required for play – slides, swings, bridges, tree forts, jungle gyms, etc – are provided as-is. The rules of the playground are developed as interaction progress; largely through social, meritocratic, and sometimes democratic phenomenon.



792 Dundas St, London, ON

Access Info

Access to the UnLab is curently via key that gives the user 24/7 access to the UnLab. For events we make arrangements to unlock doors but if coming unannounced it's best to make arrangements with an UnLab staff member. Become a Member Today.

Other Information

The unlab has wireless available throughout the lab. At present this is provided through an Apple AirPort but in future dedicated g and n WAP's will be available. at that point a password will be needed to access the network. This password will be posted in the lab.

For any other information or questions about the lab please contact Titus at titus@unlondon.ca