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Squib Network

About the Network

The Squib Network was founded in 2011 by a group of geeks as a way to create, produce and distribute a collection of podcasts they wanted to create in one centralized place.

On the Squib Network all hosts are responsible for their own recording, production and posting of shows with this site being a way to collectively distribute all of the broadcasts.

This is an “open network” (see below) and is produced by a legion of committed geeks.

The Website - www.squibnetwork.com

www.squibnetwork.com is based off of a Graph Paper Press theme, is built upon WordPress and uses a variety of plugins to specifically help contributors post their content easier.

This fork of the Mixfolio theme isn’t open-source,available for sale or licensing but all the elements used to create it are freely available.

The Squib Network website was created, designed and coded by Kevin Van Lierop. Kevin knows just enough coding and design to be dangerous but not enough to be useful.

“Open Network”

The founders and contributors of the Squib Network all believe in the strength of community and the ability to build collective capacity. Because of this The Squib Network is an “Open PodCast Network”.

What this means is that if you’re currently producing a show or would like to start producing one and need someplace to host and post the files, notes and feeds, The Squib Network is welcoming to you and your show.

Please contact us to get the ball rolling.

Connect with Us

Most of our network hosts and crew are active online, either with their personal sites or on twitter. You can connect with them here.

To contact a show directly, submit a show or make general comments, check out our contact page.

The Squib Network also has a blog where ideas for shows are captured and updates on network-happenings are given and a Twitter feed that will provide you with show releases and important information.

Sponsors and Supporters

This project is not only made possible by the geeks that record, produce and post the show, but the Squib Network is supported by UnLondon, which provides the PodCast Studio in the UnLab for people to produce their shows, and Orpheum Hosting Solutions who graciously donates the hosting and bandwidth for all of the files of the network.