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I am a lecturer at the School of Dentistry at the University of Sulaimani in Iraq Kurdistan Region. I started practicing as a qualified dentist at the Pyramerd Dental Hospital in Sulaimania, where I was able to further improve my clinical, surgical, diagnostic and investigatory skills.

I am a well-educated and knowledgeable dentist with over 9 years of practical and theoretical experience with regard to teaching process. I have B.D.S in dentistry and M.S.C in dental materials science. I gained a good experience in managing undergraduate students. In addition, I have the opportunity to observe many talented doctors in the field of dentistry, which increased my keen to take more efforts.

In order to be a successful dentist, one must be caring, dedicated and inquisitive in this field as well as a whole rounded person. I believe these are some of the qualities I possess and I am certain that by studying dentistry I can accomplish my dreams and make a contribution to the society I live in.

Tanya Hama Saddq H.Faiq



Mobile: +964(0)7701937441