Welcome to my academic profile page 


I am a lecturer at the School of Dentistry at the University of Sulaimani in Iraq Kurdistan Region. I started practicing as a qualified dentist at the Pyramerd Dental Hospital in Sulaimania, where I was able to further improve my clinical, surgical, diagnostic and investigatory skills.

I am a well-educated and knowledgeable dentist with over 9 years of practical and theoretical experience with regard to teaching process. I have B.D.S in dentistry and M.S.C in dental materials science. I gained a good experience in managing undergraduate students. In addition, I have the opportunity to observe many talented doctors in the field of dentistry, which increased my keen to take more efforts.

In order to be a successful dentist, one must be caring, dedicated and inquisitive in this field as well as a whole rounded person. I believe these are some of the qualities I possess and I am certain that by studying medicine I can accomplish my dreams and make a contribution to the society I live in.


Tanya Hama Saddq H.Faiq 




                                                                                                          Mobile: +964(0)7701937441

I have taught several topics 


demonstration of filling case sheets and patients examination (clinic)


demonstration of primary and secondary impressions(clinic)

demonstration of recording centric jaw relation (Clinic)


Introduction to dental materials science ( theory)

evaluation of dental materials (theory)

classification of dental materials (theory)

Physical ,chemical ,optical,mechanical,biological properties of dental materials (theory)

stress-strain curves ( theory)

Dental materials slide show(Laboratory)

                                                                                                     Research interests


                                                      -Different novel Ceramic materials that are being developed and investigated for dental and medical applications.

                      - Investigation of physical and optical properties of different types of aesthetic dental materials.

-Biocompatibility of dental materials.