Dr.Sozan A.Mahmood

Welcome to my Academic Profile page. 
Faculty of Science and Science Education
School of Science
Department of Computer 
Name: Sozan Abdulla Mahmood
Academic Rank: Assistant Prof.         
  • Access to Computer Study 1983.
  • B.Sc Computer Science 1987.
  • M.Sc  Computer Architecture 1992
  • Ph.D  Artificial Intelligence  2008  

Publications: 1 Books + 9 Jour. Articles + 5 Conf. paper

e-mail:      sozan.mahmood@univsul.edu.iq

   I teach several topics in both under and post graduate in my dept.

1. MSc Courses

  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence

2. BSc Courses

  • Academic Debate
I also teach before:

1-Programming  Fundamental -first stage(Java)
2-Computer Architecture (3rd stage)
3-Artificial Intelligence (4th stage)
4-Microprocessor (2nd stage)
5-system Software (2 stage)
6-advance Operating System For M.Sc
7-Numerical analysis (2nd stage)

My research interests focus on;

1-Pattern Recognition 
2- Human Computer Interaction; 
3-Signal Processing
4-Neural Networks
5-Information Retrieval