Welcome to my Academic Profile Page

Sardar R. Mohammad

BSc in Civil Engineering - Salahaddin University-Hawler
MSc(ENG) in Structural Engineering - UK
Assistant Lecturer

Teaching Staff Member at the Faculty of Engineering 
University of Sulaimani -Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq


Teaching the following modules

1. Engineering Analysis                    3rd Year Students
2. Final Year Projects                       4th Year Students

1. Reinforced Concrete Design         3rd Year Students
2. Mathematics II                               2nd Year Students
3. Final Year Projects                        4th Year Students

My research interests focus on
1. Effects of Earthquake loadings on Buildings and their responses
2. Behavior of High-rise buildings  under wind loads
3. Design of Concrete Structures
4. Long-span bridges
5. Plates and Shells
6. Advanced Engineering Analysis
7. Programming and Computer Aided Design
8. Computational Structural Analysis and Finite Element
9. Structural Stability