Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is 

Sarbast Saeed Ameen . I am a Lecturer with a PhD degree in Experimental Nuclear Physics, 

 teaching at the College of Education at University of 

Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region-F.R. Iraq

Recently I am a Head of Department of Physics at College of Education at UOS.

Mobile: (+964) - 07503743709

I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.

1. Nuclear Physics                              4th stage

2. Experimental Nuclear Physics (Lab.)    4th stage

3. Advanced Nuclear Physics                    (MSc)

4. Radioactivity and radiation Detection   third stage

5. Research Project (2-hour a week)       4th stage

6. Scientific Debates (2-hours a week)   1st stage

 My research interests focus on;

1. Moessbauer Effect

2. Nuclear Spectroscopy

3. investigation of electronic shell in atom, using recoilless-gamma radiation

4. Influence of different effects and factors on absorption-coefficient of radiation in matter

5. Properties of Scintillation and Semiconductor Detectors